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released September 16, 2014

Pre-order 'Tyranny' on CD via our Big Cartel page. Click the link at the top right of this page to place your order, shipping begins 9/9/14.


Lago is:

Cole Jacobsen - Vocals, Guitar
Manuel Dominguez - Lead Guitar
Garrett Thomas - Bass Guitar
Brian Miller - Drums

'Tyranny' was recorded and mixed by Ryan Butler at Arcane Digital Recording in Chandler, AZ from September 2013 to November 2013

Mastered by Dave Shirk at Sonorous Mastering

Jonny Davy appears on "Bring to Ruin" courtesy of Metal Blade Records.

Cello and violin arrangement on "Reckoning" written and performed by Eric Cousineau

Art and Album layout by Brandon Shobe

Lago would like to thank all of our friends, family, bands we've played with, and anyone that has taken the time to listen to our music. A special thank you to David and Ryan at Battleground Records, Ryan Butler, Rodrigo and Blood Harvest Records, Jan from Lavadome Productions, and Andrew Breshears for his musical input while a member of Lago.



all rights reserved


Lago Phoenix, Arizona

Equal parts of the old-school, Death Metal masters Morbid Angel, Immolation, and Deicide collide with a more modern Behemoth or Origin and an over-arching original ear for song writing to create a sound that Lago can call their own; the subtle interplay between melody, atonality, and out-and-out brutality is brilliantly realized. ... more


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Track Name: I
And for the sins of my youth. A new life, spent dying, in what seems like passing eons. Lost is the sense of morality. What’s left is a stone-faced being lacking the naïve innocence of a once spirited life. Culling again, past is erased, looking away. Fanning the flames, hurting the same, forfeit the days. All for the sins of my youth. The landscape changes on the canvas. Old truths become new myths. Stand for something or die a coward. Repent for a life of shit. We’ve opened our eyes to catch ourselves praying to ghosts. Creating a farce. He lied.
Track Name: The Tyranny of Men
In a search for truth, I’ll wield a blade, enforcing policy. And we conjure the ghost. Offer the invocation. It’s the argument for better, albeit a despondent attempt. For some peace from god you would bleed. For some peace from god? This harsh truth is an ageless ploy to instill fear. Young ideals are still born and forgotten. Embracing faith, you’ll give credit to gods will. Not your own two feet. Not an inkling of fortitude. All promise is lost. We are the tyranny of men. For peace from god you would bleed. For peace from god?
Track Name: Father of All
Step fourth into the water. Press fourth beyond the shore. War torn endlessly tireless. Truth sears in your wake. Opposition brings unity. May your death bring peace. Discordance brings harmony over all. Father and king, bring the utmost justice. Making gods of men, and enslaving the free. To offer wisdom you must lead with chaos. No victor believes in chance. Suffer fool your future is empty. Oppressed to the end
Immortality flows. Ruin, desolate throne. Bloodlust, fed by the suffering. Father, stain my blade with the blood of the past. Father, beyond my endless wake the truth shall flow
Track Name: Concede to Oblivion
Refute and take cognizance and take cognizance of a malevolent social order that men have forged. Concede to oblivion. In the depths of evil, men will thrive. Indifference has turned to disregard, and calm waters begin to churn. The overlords begin posturing. Forcing the hand of dogma. No more populace resolute. Bearing the fruit of aversion.
Track Name: Coming Cataclysm
Warning signs met with no regard. Jaded mindset shows no alarm. Deep within the tensions boil. Potential blithe quickly spoiled. Pass the blame. Turn away. Embrace the fear. Hold disdain. Then it arrives. Accursed human nature. Endurance dies. Fall at the feet of despair. We close our eyes. Abandon preservation. Admit despise. Enter the final days. Reservoirs have all been drained. No tolerance left for pain. Faced with a looming choice. Ended by your own hand. Destructive ways, Forged in decay. Promise will rot. Anticipate exhaustion. Dormant poison. Futile thoughts of progress. Forfeit escape. Brace for total depletion. Circle abyss. Carry the curse on your back
Track Name: Bring to Ruin
Give Praise. Bring to Ruin. Emanate with violent fervor, the new compassion. Despot will fall to their knees. The sanctification of a new ideal comes at the cost of a deficient regime. Give praise while we watch it bleed. Exalt reality, a failed institution. Give praise while we watch it bleed. Cut of the serpent’s head. We’re living indecent times where hope is a burden. Archaic relic, a vigor now mum. Begin the christening with blood on the blade. Bring to ruin. Cut off the serpent’s head. Replenish my soul with fire. Restore my wings with conviction. A societal cleansing is in order.
Track Name: Reckoning
Lulled to desolace, my subconscious lay in a shroud of discontent. Serenity in the absence of a fool’s paradise. The walls within reverberate my angst. For I have become disenchanted. The search for becoming the greater good has been displaced by a sinking feeling. I am cataclysmic. I am famine. I am the seeds of apocalypse. I am the ocean, vast and desolate. Gone are the days of searching for redemption. Gutted and picked apart I lye motionless. Purpose found, propagate a broken structure.
Track Name: Pox of the Weary
Your past sewn by deeds undone. Forever turning in limbo, you feel nothing in the haze. Indifference and apathy. Circle and feed upon the remnants that were your ambitions. Reeling from the judgment passed. Standing, no one but yourself. You are bound to the destiny of idle sorrow. The cold gaze of in-action rest firmly upon your head. The curse of the non engaged. Buried the pox of the weary. Cut by the same. Let hatred reign. Taught only fear. Send all away. Suffocate remorse. Cringe, absorb the blame. Tattered crimson shreds instead of wings once spread.